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Our Philosophy

We believe everyone deserves a smile they are happy and confident with.

We aim to WOW our patients with our customer service and provide excellent gentle dental service. Our patients love us and refer their friends and families to us.

At the dentist, people are often concerned about two things… pain and cost. So let me give you some reassurance on both counts. Firstly, whilst obviously I can’t say there’ll never, ever be any pain, I can tell you that many of our patients at Bracken Ridge Dental are amazed when the treatment’s finished, and say, “But I haven’t felt a thing!”

As to cost, we’re not the cheapest dentists, nor are we the most expensive. We aim to provide good value dentistry… the right treatment at the right price. We’d never do things on the cheap and compromise your dental care, nor would we do a Rolls Royce job when Commodore care is what’s needed.

Are you in pain?
Are you embarrassed to smile?

Or has it been more than six months since you saw a dentist?

Can I stress just one thing? If you’re in need of dental care, then don’t delay.

I see many people who leave it until they are in desperate trouble and that makes things worse because what was a little problem that could be easily fixed quickly becomes a major one. I hope this has helped you and look forward to seeing you in the very near future. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call my office. Here at Bracken Ridge Dental, we’ll give you straight answers.

What Our Practice Offers

Bracken Ridge Dental provides a comprehensive range of dentistry to meet all your dental health needs.
We are pleased to welcome our existing and new patients to our newly renovated practice at Bracken Ridge Plaza.


We take the time to custom design a treatment plan especially for you. If you are anxious or worried about visiting the dentist then ask about the sedation services for patients.


With regular checkups for you and your family, we can help ensure the long term health of your smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you unhappy with the way your smile looks? Do you have cracked or missing teeth?

Wisdom Teeth

Our dentists are trained to remove wisdom teeth, and ensure you have a painless procedure.


Have you always wanted to straighten your teeth, but didn’t like the idea of metal braces or wires in your mouth? There is now a perfect solution to that – Invisalign!

Dental Implants

Implants are the simple and easy way to replace missing or problem teeth to improve your smile and to help overall how your teeth function.

Our Team

We believe that the first thing people see is your smile, so why not fix that first! 

Meet the team at Bracken Ridge Dental who are dedicated to making that happen for you.

Dr Sherry Chou
Dr Andy Chung

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