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Payment Plans

Easy payment plans for dental procedures

Payment plans for dental treatment are now easily available through Bracken Ridge Dental.

If you’re in need of dental treatment, it is essential that you see a dentist at the earliest opportunity. Many people leave a small dental problem until they are in desperate trouble. This makes it worse as a small dental issue that could have been easily fixed can become much bigger and much more expensive.

Do you have a dental problem or treatment that you know you need, yet you have been putting off for weeks or months or even years?

Here at Bracken Ridge Dental, we aim to provide great dentistry for patients whether it’s for emergencies such as a toothache, or for cosmetic procedures to improve smiles.

When our patients ask us about payment plans, we have multiple options for you to choose from who specialises in this. The application and approval process is also very quick.

Payment Plan Options

We provide payment plans through the following providers:

  1. Afterpay
  2. Zip
  3. Humm