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Modern dentures look and feel just like the real thing.

Dentures are an affordable replacement for natural teeth. Made of acrylic and resin, special plastics and sometimes lightweight metal, modern dentures are designed by experienced prosthetists to feel comfortable in your mouth and look as close to natural teeth as possible.

At Bracken Ridge Dental, our team will work with you to select the right size, shape and shade of dentures you prefer so we can provide you with the most natural look possible and help you to smile with confidence. We want you to be happy with your new smile.

To find out more about dentures at Bracken Ridge Dental, book a consultation with Dr Lydia and our team today. Call our clinic on (07) 3261 2405 or use our online booking form.

What are the different types of dentures?

There are two main types of dentures: full dentures and partial dentures.

Full dentures

Full or complete dentures replace all the teeth in your upper or lower jaw, or all the teeth in your mouth. The replacement teeth are attached to a gum-coloured plate that rests on the roof or floor of your mouth and attaches through suction.
If you are having full dentures, any remaining teeth will need to be extracted first. We can place temporary dentures to use while your gum is healing before fitting your final dentures when swelling has subsided.

Partial dentures

If you only need to replace individual teeth or several teeth in a row, partial dentures can bridge the gap. These rest on the gum and attach to the back of the neighbouring teeth with small clasps.

Alternatives to dentures include dental implants or a dental bridge. Implants can be used in combination with dentures to provide more stability for the denture and to support your jaw.

How are dentures made?

To start the denture process, our dentists will first take a preliminary impression of your mouth. On subsequent visits, more impressions with finer details will be made to help us to get the right specifics we need to ensure a perfect fit.

These designs will be sent to a prosthetist who will manufacture your custom dentures our of acrylic or metal. Once your dentures are ready, we'll check that they feel comfortable and make any adjustments needed. Our outcome is to ensure you get the best treatment that not only looks great, but lasts you for years to come.

How should I care for my dentures?

Dentures can take several weeks to get used to, but after this adjustment period you should find that they feel comfortable and you are eating and speaking normally.

We'll advise you about how to clean your dentures every day. It's also important to keep visiting our team regularly so we can make sure your oral health is in the best possible shape and that your dentures continue to fit you perfectly.