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Smile Gallery

This is the Smile Gallery of Dr Lydia Loh’s patients.

We understand it can be hard to picture the end results when you first come to see us, which is why we have a ‘Before and After’ Smile Gallery so that you can see our treatment results in action.

We have taken these Before and After photos of actual patients who have undergone complex treatment.

We are very proud of our patients and how they have overcome their fear and embarrassment and sought treatment for their teeth. They are very happy that Dr Lydia has designed a smile for them that they love!

If you feel shy and are reluctant to seek dental treatment, rest assured we will not judge you and will be happy to listen to your concerns and answer any questions you may have.

These are the possible great end results you may achieve by taking the first step and coming in to see Dr Lydia.

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BEFORE and AFTER images from Bracken Ridge Dental

Jeffrey's Implants

Jeffrey’s teeth were hurting him and he couldn’t eat properly. He wanted to be able to enjoy foods and chew again. He also wanted a nice smile. Dr Lydia removed all of his teeth that were hurting him and placed dental implants.

Once healing was completed, Dr Lydia made him new teeth that were fixed to his implants so he never had to worry about his smile or eating again. His lower teeth are fixed in place and won’t move during talking or eating.

Michael's Ceramic Crowns

Michael came to us with very worn teeth and found himself constantly having dental work done as his fillings don’t last very long in his worn teeth. He also disliked his smile.

Dr Lydia built up his teeth with ceramic crowns and this is the result. Michael loves his smile now and can eat what he wants without worrying about fillings falling out. His teeth are now stronger than before and will last a long time.

Alice's Veneers

Alice came to see us because she didn’t like the look of her two front teeth and hated the stains and wear on them. The two central teeth were also slightly crooked and set-in compared to the other teeth in her smile. 

Dr Lydia placed two composite veneers for her and these are the results! Alice is really thrilled with how her teeth look now.

John's Dentures

John didn’t like his smile and also couldn’t eat with the dentures he had. In fact, he never wore them as they hurt too much. He had black stains around his gums that he tries to hide by controlling his upper lip when he talks or smiles.

Dr Lydia repaired his teeth, rebuilt the length of the teeth and made him a new set of dentures. Now John smiles naturally and has back teeth that he can wear with no problems. Look at how much wider his smile is in the After photo compared to the Before photo. He looks years younger with his new smile.

Cathy's Dentures

Cathy hated the look of her upper false teeth for years and finally decided to come see us for a new set to be made. She did not want her new teeth to look false and plastic like.

After careful assessment of aesthetics and function, Dr Lydia and her technician made Cathy a new upper denture that looks amazingly natural and feels comfortable too. Dr Lydia uses one of the best technicians in town for her dental laboratory work. Cathy is extremely pleased with the results and can’t stop smiling now.