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Dental phobia? Hate the dentist?

I can’t count the number of times patients have come in to see me and said that they hate the dentist or they have a dental phobia.

dental phobia

Usually when I ask them why, they explain that they’ve had a bad experience previously and their dental treatment was very painful. Or they were scared of needles and hate the sound of the drill. Or that they had bad memories from going to the grumpy old dentist when they were younger.

My team and I at Bracken Ridge Dental strive to make you comfortable during your dental treatment. We work with a lot of patients who have a dental phobia.

Here’s six things we do to help you conquer your fear of dentists:

1.Topical numbing cream

We use specially prescribed and specially made high strength topical numbing cream on the area before the injection. This helps to reduce the discomfort of the local anaesthetic injection.

I have had some patients who asked me if they got a needle, after I had done the injection. They had their eyes closed and didn’t feel a thing! An elderly gentleman patient came in the other week who hasn’t been to a dentist for the last 20 years. At the end of his appointment, he wanted to know if dentists no longer gave needles to numb teeth. I had numbed his entire upper jaw however he had not felt the needles. And he wondered if modern technology has provided a way to numb teeth up without needles anymore. That was a compliment to me! I explained that I did indeed use needles still!

2. Slow local anaesthetic injection speed

Did you know that using a slower rate of injection reduces the pain associated with the needle? I always take my time with the injection. And I make sure the entire area and the tooth is numb before carrying out any treatment.

3. Sedative tablets

If you have a dental phobia, or if you have had a bad experience in the past and now get nervous just thinking about getting dental treatment done, we can help! We can prescribe you with sedative tablets that will help you cope with the treatment you need. Take these tablets an hour prior to your dental appointment and it will help calm your nerves. It makes the appointment go a lot easier.

4. Laughing gas

We also have nitrous gas (known as happy gas or laughing gas) on site for our patients. We administer this during the procedure and it is very effective as an anxiolytic and also provides some analgesic effect, that helps reduce any pain.

5. Movies on demand

We have tv screens on the ceiling with wireless headphones connected. You can choose to have a movie playing so that you can watch and tune out from the procedure you are getting done. The best part about this is that it also blocks out the noise of drilling!

6. Your favourite music

If you prefer not to have a movie on, you can have your favourite music playing instead. We understand it can be comforting to listen to your own music, so feel free to bring earphones with your iPod or phone!

Give us a call today to ask about what we can do for you! You can also email us today for an appointment.